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Village Defense
A Stick Mage Quest
Connect Monsters
Bug Monster
Megaman vs Ghost 'n Goblins
Evil Toys
Yantra: A Story of Revenge
Panpang Strike
People On My Lawn 2
Bakugan Dress Up
Shadow Defence
Mindless Violence
Monster Zone
Crazy Haunted House
Ultimate Defense
Shadow Tag
Axion RPG
Gate of Apocalypse
Rad Bear Rude Rocket
Sticky Monsters
Comic Stars VS Zombies
Monkey King Game
Bhoot Attack
Lilo & Stitch - Match & Catch
Frankie Stein's Clawesome Makeover
Action Turnip
Muck Struck 
Ben10 Sky Battle
Mummy Blaster
Dive Devil
Zombeast stampede
Powerpuff Girls: Zombgone
Jelly Towers
Monsters Ate My Neighbors
Red Escape
Watermelon's Adventure
Monsters Diff
Mario Tower Coins 2
First Person Shooter in Real Life 5
Boom Boom Monster
Minion Match
Creepy Zombie Couple
Blade Haven
Polly's House
Demons Took My Daughter
Hexagon Planet TD
Don’t Save the Princess
Tequila Zombie
Summoner Saga chapter 8
Dwarf Mine
Monster Destroyer
Hamster Rush
Snow Siege
Play with Monsters
Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary
Fear Unlimited
Waggle 2
Dave's Castle Hunt
Monster Box
Just Another Day
Shroud Vampire Game
It Came From The Deep 
Monster Gems
The Last Soldier
Laser Cannon 2
Dead of Night
Vampire Scent 
Orange & Black 
Create a Monster 
Monster Invade
Alien Hill
Sweet Monster
Halloween Wedding
Betty Boop Big City Adventures
Monsters vs Aliens - Save Earh As Only A Monster Can
The Robot's Way
Survive The Night
The Tower and The Heart In Glass
Summoner Saga chapter 5
The Greedy Sponge
Zombie Disposal
Scooby Doo Monster Madness
The Duders Demenius Darkness
Max Mesriria RPG