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Rock Princess Barbie
Dance Match!
Emo dance party decoration
Record tripping
Goth Bubblejam
Singing Easter Eggs
Angels Piano
dexterous dancing
Rock-It racer
Animal Band Quiz
Techno revolution
DJ Dance Master
Dance Dance Boboli
The Smurf's Simon
Piano Hero
Shoot music
She Wolf Dancer
Music Blox
Guitar Hero 2
Drum session
Scenic image og the girl
Stress Quencher
Dancing Queen Dress Up
Drum Lessons Featuring Simon
Rumple!: Funny Foreign Names
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Rockstar Dreamer
Music Around Us
Disc Skill
Barbie. Let's Make Music
Music Space
Musical Piggy
Learn to play drums!
Barbie Rock Star
Musical games
Band wars
Singing Reindeer
Kitty beat box
Sing you Sinners
Muzika e Thyer
Escape from Music Manor
Gorillaz Groove Session
Do You Like Waffles?
The Last Fight Action
Cemetery Polka
Click Dance
Click Work
Minnie Mouse Sound Memory
Forest Song
Ground Rush
Monsters Gone Wild
Singing Cats
Beer Is Good
Touch the Bubbles 2
Higgly Town Heroes
Vector Stunt
Sue Drumming Game
Can the 'Sweden
Baby Dance Gangnam Style
School of cherlider
Soda Pop! (Soda Junkie)
Your Duck
Bongo Boom Battlegrounds
Gentleman Ta Ta Ta
Pop stars
Running Man Psy Gangnam
Turtle Ninja Sound Memory 
Dance of the Cockroach
Simon says simon
Music Room
Dee Jay
Master Memory
Draw Your Cartoon Character
Ultra Game Bat Blaster
Turtles Ninja Sound Memory
Father Gang in Concert
Musaic Box
Rihanna Celebrity Makeover
The Wildhearts Stage Dive
Super Hyberdoze
The Muppets Animal's Beat Craze
Cherie 'Disco' Blair
Strawberry Shortcake Dance
Snow White Way to Whistle
Funny Cows
Ninja Turtles Colours Memory
Music box of life part 3